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Clever Apex Legends rework would make Lifeline the ultimate healer

Published: 24/Apr/2020 10:36

by Joe Craven


One Apex Legends player has devised an incredible overhaul of Lifeline’s in-game abilities, which would see the Worlds Edge medic fully returned to her former glory. 

While Lifeline has long been an immensely popular pick in Apex Legends, some fans argue she’s not all she used to be. Despite actually receiving a buff in early April, many have argued it’s fairly pointless given the slim chances of receiving a useful item in a blue supply bin.

Now, one Apex Legends fan has grown tired of Lifeline drifting away from relevancy, and has devised a pretty major overhaul of her abilities.


Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s buff gave her access to specific healing supply bins.

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Shared to the Apex Legends subreddit on April 23, the fan’s proposals constitute a pretty major overhaul of nearly all Lifeline’s abilities. The only ability to remain the same is her Tactical – the D.O.C drone.

Her current Passive ability, ‘Combat Medic’, is replaced by ‘Real Combat Medic’. The new proposal constitutes a buff to the ability, seeing the aforementioned D.O.C drone come in to finish the revival of any teammate.

Similarly, her Ultimate care package ability is done away with, replaced by the ‘Circle of Trust’. “Teammates within the vicinity are hit with three healing pulses, each one providing 25 health,” the proposal says. “You have full mobility during the pulses so you don’t have to stop moving.”


Respawn Entertainment/Reddit: u/wicked_fool
The Lifeline changes, compared to her current abilities in Apex Legends.

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The Redditor delved a little bit deeper into how each new ability would work: “Passive – I envision a custom animation where Lifeline uses DOC like a defibrillator… Ultimate – I envision a green circle on the ground similar to Bloodhounds old scan, prior to each pulse giving away that its coming.”

While there are no guarantees Respawn are lining up a rework for Lifeline, the post’s popularity suggests there is a demand for it in the player base.