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Clever Apex Legends Holo-Spray trick warns you of nearby enemies

Published: 10/Apr/2021 16:40

by Connor Bennett


An Apex Legends player has found a smart, but situational, trick that could be the perfect counter to aggressive enemies, and all it requires is using a holo spray. 

As each legend has its own unique abilities, the easiest route to victory in Apex Legends is usually through picking the legends that work for yourself and your teammates. 

However, that’s not the only route to winning games. You can easily outgun an enemy, and even get luckier than other teams, but there’s usually always some skill involved. 

That’s why players will spend hours upon hours testing different ideas to come up with some tricks and tips that give them a leg up on the opponents. Some are a bit complicated – like using Pathfinder to rotate underneath World’s Edge – while others are much more simple, such as throwing down a purple shield as bait to lure enemies in. 


Apex Legends Wraith character holding a weapon
Each Apex Legends character has tricks they can use.

Well, now some Apex players are using Holo Sprays as an early warning system to get a heads up on when an enemy squad is coming near them. 

It’s pretty simple, but it relies on the enemy not only being aggressive enough to push your position, but also them tagging your Holo Spray when they’re pining whatever area you’re sat in. 

As Reddit user Nyathra shows, if you throw a Holo Spray and the enemy pings it, you’ll get an on-screen message saying that they ‘liked’ your Holo Spray. So, if you’re holding down a certain position, you’ll know where the enemies are coming from, but if it’s out in the open, things might be a little more difficult. 


If you ever find yourself defending an area, always throw down a Holo-spray. By doing so, if the enemy ever pings that same location, you’ll get an notification of them "liking" your Holo-spray, indicating that they are possibly planning to attack you. (More explanations in comments) from apexuniversity

As noted, the tip is pretty situational, and you will have to hope that the enemy directly pings the Holo Spray rather than just pinging in your general direction.

However, it does give Holo Sprays a use beyond just being a cosmetic item that some players use to show off what items they’ve gone.

Whether it becomes a go-to tactic in matches, though, remains to be seen.