Broken Newcastle 200m movement trick discovered in Apex Legends

Alan Bernal
newcastle apex legends

Apex Legends’ newest character, Newcastle, is taking players by surprise with a “broken” new trick that lets the Mobile Guardian instantly jump across the map.

Respawn Entertainment dropped its 21st Legend at the start of Season 13 and with it a brand-new way to play support in the Apex Games. The new addition has already been giving teams different ways to mix up their defense while also offering a few unexpected offensive tactics.

But a bizarre interaction with Newcastle’s ultimate ability and teammate banners is giving players a completely new way to traverse the Apex landscape with almost no repercussions.

The bug lets the Legend increase his Castle Wall mobility by hundreds of meters and gives players a really potent way to bamboozle opponents in the game.

apex legends newcastle
Newcastle is the latest character to join the Apex Legends roster.

YouTuber ‘RossTheeSquirrel’ showed how players can get the most out of Newcastle’s hop from his ultimate simply by aiming at a teammate’s deathbox.

“You can lunge and essentially fly nearly 200 meters to land on a teammate’s box,” he said. “The crazy thing is there does not seem to be a height barrier to this.”

By design, Newcastle can only go up to 35 meters with his ult and 75 meters if he’s landing on a friendly death box. This glitch completely ignores that limitation by increasing the range by nearly double of what’s intended.

“That’s just a bit broken,” one player said, reacting to the clip. Others were shocked to see the bug that essentially gives Newcastle the best rotation move that rivals Valkyrie’s ultimate.

As Respawn addresses the biggest issues in Apex Legends, they’re sure to take a look at all the weird quirks Newcastle brought along with him after his debut.

Until then, Apex Legends players shouldn’t be surprised if they randomly find the Mobile Defender zipping across the air in their matches as we wait for a meaningful fix to the bug.