Bizarre Apex Legends ranked bug demotes players to Rookie IV

Respawn Entertainment | u/ricoandino

Some Apex Legends players have been getting demoted all the way down to the lowest rank in the game after starting their ranked grind in Season 16.

Ranked is a huge part of Apex Legends. Getting to Predator rank is a big goal for a lot of players, and, with only 750 spots open at the top, getting all the way up the ladder is something few players are able to do.

Some people will do anything to break into Pred, with a long history of players resorting to cheating, boosting, and other ways to swing matches in their favor.

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However, the vast majority of Apex Legends players are just doing their best to improve and make the long climb to the top. However, a bizarre bug has been demoting some players all the way down to the bottom of the ladder for seemingly no reason.

Players getting demoted to Rookie IV in Apex Legends Season 16

Rookie is a rank that was implemented as a way to ease newer players into ranked. Players don’t lose RP while they’re climbing in Rookie, a decision meant to make things a bit less intimidating for those dipping their toes into the mode.

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However, several players have reported that they’re getting sent right back to being a Rookie despite having climbed far beyond that rank.

Reports are conflicting, with some players saying that it’s purely a visual bug and that they’ve maintained their original rank – but not all players are that lucky.

Others are reporting that they’ve lost their previous rank and, in the worst cases, that they’re stuck at Rookie IV and unable to gain RP.

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It’s currently unclear what’s causing these massive demotions or if it’s possible for players’ ranks to get reverted to what they were. This bug has been the source of much player frustration, with their hard-earned rank getting erased without explanation.

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