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Best tactics to raid secret loot Vaults in Apex Legends Season 3

Published: 10/Oct/2019 18:45 Updated: 10/Oct/2019 19:35

by Alan Bernal


The Season 3 map in Apex Legends introduced secret loot vaults throughout the game, but players are finding that you don’t always need a key to reap the rewards.

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The new Meltdown event in the game brought loads of changes to the Apex Games, including a new Legend named Crypto, an icy locale in World’s Edge, and three locked rooms filled with high-tier loot for players to claim.

These rooms were activated about a week after the start of Season 3, and since then players have been devising how to raid the vaults opened by their opponents to nab the loot while tallying a few kills to their name.


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Respawn EntertainmentApex players looking to loot up in the vaults should be wary of any potential invaders.

Light ’em up

In a Reddit post, user ‘outboardtoaster’ highlighted how their team managed to take a squad by surprise – lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Once the unsuspecting squad was deep inside the loot vault’s halls, outboardtoaster and his team lit up the place with a flurry of Frag Grenades, Thermites, and Arc Stars to the back of the room.

This zoned the other team into the back of the room, making them easy pickings for the raiding team.

No Vault Key? No Problem! – Season 2 Predator from r/apexlegends

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New bunker for Wattson and Caustic

This one gets a little dark, but in that same thread user ‘RedRockFox’ noted that Caustic and Wattson could be used to great effect for raiding vaults.


Outboardtoaster explained that the devilish combo can be used to create an impromptu “zoo,” since there’s only one small opening leading into these vaults.

“The match afterward we realized this works better and is more like a zoo…” they said. “Caustic ults the back of the room throws traps at the front, then Watson fences the door and you stand there and watch while they die slowly. It’s brutal.”

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Respawn EntertainmentWith a bit of daring, Mirage could by the linchpin to raiding a vault.

Behind enemy lines

Since teams usually go into a mad dash to get the contents of the vault, Mirage is a great candidate to have on a team for a ghoulish surprise.


As soon as a team opens the vault to get in, use Mirage’s ultimate to go invisible and sneak in with the opposing squad while making your way to the back of the vault.

Have your team throw grenades toward the front half of the vault, ideally with a few thermites forcing them to the back half.

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Amid the chaos going on in the front, Mirage will have a chance in the backlines to down at least one or two players, if not the whole squad.

Opening vaults can yield great rewards, but Apex Legends is a battle royale after all – meaning players should be wary for other players looking to take what’s theirs.