Best Apex Legends skin concepts in July: Loba, Revenant, Bloodhound, more

Joe Craven

Apex Legends’ creative and colorful world was bound to inspire artwork, but community concepts have become a staple of the game’s fanbase. Here are some of the very best skin concepts from the past month. 

As has become customary in the Apex Legends community, fans of the Titanfall-inspired battle royale have been creating their own skin concepts for their favorite characters. We’ve already seen some incredible entries back in June, but these news skin concepts may trump even those. 

First up is this awesome Bloodhound rework from Klaux ConceptArt, shared to Reddit by u/BIENYY. It’s a snowy, vibrant take on the Technological Tracker, with some deep blues and reds to accompany the dominant white feathers. 

This skin is so good that even non-Bloodhound mains were advocating for its addition to the game. Whether the light color would make players an obvious target remains to be seen, but we’ll let Crypto mains argue this one. 

Bloodhound skin concept from Apex Legends
This Bloodhound skin is jaw-dropping.

The second skin is another lighter twist, this time focusing on Loba. Redditor ‘SithArsenal’ explains that the skin is partially inspired by Riot Games’ League of Legends. It’s certainly got a fantasy element to it, adding some light blue magic to the High Society Thief. 

Next up is an Aztec inspired Revenant from Redditor ‘Hattori_Handsome‘, which perfectly combines its theme with the skeletal figure of the Season 4 legend. Equally terrifying and mystifying, this is a seriously dark twist on an already dark legend. If you saw this coming over the World’s Edge hill, you’d definitely turn and run. 

Finally, from u/ineedahopup, is an eccentric and philanthropic Crypto skin. It sticks to the white color scheme of his base outfit, but ditches the cloak for a white, feather jacket. Pair this with a bowler hat and heavy necklace, and Crypto has been given a truly unique makeover.

Whether Respawn will add a mechanic for fan made skins to get into the game remains to be seen, but there is clearly an appetite for it among the community. Respawn, over to you.

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