OG Apex Legends skins returning soon according to leaks: Bloodhound, Bangalore, Lifeline

Bangalore Apex Legends OG skinRespawn Entertainment

A reliable Apex Legends leaker has revealed that a variety of OG skins are returning after the Beast of Prey Collection Event.

Every seasonal update and Collection Event, Respawn adds a variety of impressive and unique cosmetics to the game for each of the characters on the roster.

While the majority of these skins are unlocked and then forgotten about by the community, there are a select few that are remembered as ‘OG’ thanks to their popularity and iconic status.

Over time, these cosmetics become extremely sought-after, with players waiting on Respawn to put them back on sale for a limited amount of time.

Well, thanks to a reliable Apex Legends leaker, we now know that a set of OG skins will be arriving in the store in late September.

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A lot of OG skins are impossible to obtain for months and sometimes even years.

All leaked OG Apex Legends skins returning to the store

Thanks to reliable Apex Legends dataminer HYPERMYST we now know which OG skins are returning to the store on September 27 and September 30.

Keep in mind, a lot of these skins will be in the store for a limited amount of time and some of them will only be available to buy in bundles. You can check out the full list of returning skins below:

September 27

  • Bloody Buccaneer (Bloodhound)
  • Decorated Line (Bangalore)
  • Denizen of the Deep (Ash)
  • Apex Jump (Octane)

September 30

  • Pirate Queen (Lifeline)
  • Man Made Man (Mirage)
  • Burial at Sea (Revenant)
  • Overclocked (Wraith)

If you want a closer look at any of the skins listed above, make sure to check out HYPERMYST’s video which provides a full showcase of each cosmetic.

As Respawn doesn’t release OG skins very often, it’s definitely worth picking one up if you’re looking for a more exclusive cosmetic that’s seen a lot less in the Outlands.

On top of this, it’s hard to know how it will be before these skins return, so jump at the opportunity while it lasts.