Apex Legends Twitch drops for ALGS: How to link accounts & get free rewards

Theo Salaun

Starting on March 27, Apex Legends fans will be able to earn in-game rewards for free simply by watching the Apex Legends Global Series and receiving Twitch drops. Here’s how to link your accounts and get the rewards rolling.

A Legendary Banner Frame? A Rare Banner Pose? If you like customizing your aesthetic experience in Apex Legends, then the prospect of new, free goodies to play around with should be an exciting one.

And, for those who want to get unique rewards for free, watching the world’s best players compete is the way to do it. During the March 27-28 playoffs of the ALGS: Winter Circuit, viewers will be able to secure rewards through Twitch drops awarded by time spent watching.

algs twitch drop banner
Ooh, shiny.

To begin earning Apex Legends rewards, fans should link their accounts and get ready to watch some top-tier competition.

There are five rewards available and in order to obtain them, players simply need to watch up to four hours of ALGS action while having linked EA and Twitch accounts.

  1. Ensure your Xbox Gamertag, Nintendo Switch Online Account or PlayStation Network ID is linked to your EA Account
  2. If it is already linked, but you’re not sure which one, use this link to figure out which account is connected
  3. Go to Twitch to link your EA and Twitch accounts (or make a new Twitch account if you don’t already have one)
  4. Tune into the ALGS: Winter Circuit on March 27 and 28 to begin earning rewards

Apex Legends free ALGS Twitch rewards

algs twitch badge drop
Ooh, clean.

Rewards are available for Apex Legends players on all platforms and should appear in-game within a day of the ALGS: Winter Circuit’s completion. Here are the rewards and how much watch time each requires.

  1. Lifetime Wins Tracker (Mirage): 1 hour
  2. Rare Honorable Mention Badge (Mirage): 2 hours
  3. Rare Number One Banner Pose (Mirage): 3 hours
  4. Legendary Metal Collector Banner Frame (Mirage): 4 hours

While no skins or weapon cosmetics can be earned from this event, the promotion is an easy way to mix up your account’s looks — especially if you’re a Mirage main.

On the plus side, the Apex Legends Global Series: Winter Circuit playoffs feature some of the best players in the world, so you get an added bonus: you can learn some useful tactics while earning some nice rewards.

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