Apex Legends trick guarantees purple items drop from MVRNs

Loot MRVN in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

There’s nothing like finding some rare loot during an Apex Legends match, and now players have found that there’s a way to greatly increase your chances of getting purple items from the MVRN robots.

MVRNs were, like a lot of things in Apex, featured in the Titanfall games first. Pathfinder has always been the droids representative in Respawn’s battle royale, but even more of the robots appear on Olympus.

Starting in Season 7, they began appearing around the map, offering up their arms and giving players the chance at different levels of loot through a slot-machine type mechanic. Now, players have found it’s possible to increase your odds of getting the good stuff.

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Respawn Entertainment/ Flamey_13
MVRNs offer a chance at some rare loot, if you can find them.

According to Reddit user hotstickynsweet, if you press the button to loot the MVRN when the screen on its chest is white, “you will get purple every time.”

It’s not as simple as that, there’s also a bit of timing as you have to press the button as soon as it changes to white, otherwise you risk getting stuff you don’t really need.

Some players will argue that it’s not white, but blue when you should interact with the MVRN. By all means continue with whatever works if it’s getting you loot, but if you’re constantly getting white or blue drops, trying to start on white could be worth a shot.

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It could come down to the refresh rate on your monitor, or simple human reaction time, but either way there is definitely a pattern that can be learned and mastered to massively increase your chances of purple items.

Not saying this will assure you wins, but being able to grab high level loot does increase your chances of making it through the first few circles, at the very least.

As we mentioned, the MVRNs have been in Apex (not counting Pathfinder) since Season 7 and the premier of Olympus. Season 9 is coming up though, and it remains unknown if the lovable droids will still be around then, so be sure to use them while you still can.

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