Apex Legends players call for Hammerpoint Rounds return with rework

Alex Garton
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Apex Legends players want Hammerpoint Rounds to be reworked and reintroduced in Season 11, and they’ve even come up with some tweaks to help keep the hop-up balanced.

Ever since its removal in the Season 9 update, Hammerpoint Rounds have been a polarizing topic in the community. While some players loved shredding through opponents with no armor, others hated how strong the Mozambique and P2020 were with the hop-up.

Now, two seasons later, a lot of players are calling for Hammerpoint Rounds to return, but not in their previous state.

The community has even suggested a few tweaks Respawn could make to ensure the hop-up isn’t broken if it ever does return in Season 11.

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Hammerpoint Rounds were removed in Season 9.

Apex players want Hammerpoint Rounds back in Season 11

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Cany0udance decided to create a video explaining why they think Hammerpoint Rounds should return in Season 11.

For starters, Cany0udance acknowledges that after the ammo capacity buffs to the Mozambique in Season 9, the hop-up would definitely be broken if it ever returned in its previous state.

However, they argue that Hammerpoint Rounds are beneficial to both the Mozambique and the P2020, as they make the weapons useful in the late game.

As a solution to the balance issue, Cany0udance suggests making it so the Hammerpoint hop up consumes two ammo per shot. This means the base Mozambique can keep its buffs while also having the potential to shred through enemies with no armor in the later stages of a match.

After being described as a “high-risk high-reward” hop-up by a dev when it got removed, it’s hard to know how Respawn feels about the attachment and its place in the game.

While it’s clear there’s a demand for Hammerpoint Rounds to return, it’s possible the hop-up is too hard to balance and the devs would prefer to keep it on the sidelines for now.

However, when it did get removed in Season 9, Respawn did reveal they’d see if there was ever an opportunity for the hop-up to return in the future, so there’s always a possibility.

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