Apex Legends: Throw off opponents with “momentum shift” movement trick

. 3 years ago
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Houston Outlaws streamer Lucas ‘Mendo’ Håkansson explained how to pull off the “momentum shift” movement technique in Apex Legends.

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Mendo is a former Overwatch League pro turned full-time streamer who’s established himself as one of the best players in Apex Legends since the game’s release. Mendo has won multiple tournaments, and currently holds the world record for the most solo kills in a single game.

As well as his incredible aim, Mendo is also known for getting the most out of the game’s mechanics with a variety of tricks and techniques to maximize every advantage he can find.

Movement is a huge part of Apex, and in a recent video Mendo explained a powerful technique for maintaining speed and momentum while suddenly changing direction in the middle of a jump.

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Respawn Entertainment
Maintaining momentum is key to successful movement in Apex Legends.

The “momentum shift” technique allows players to turn very sharply in mid-air while maintaining the momentum from a slide-boosted jump. It’s a powerful tool to have in your arsenal for making the most of the game’s movement, be it for going on the offense or trying to escape pursuing enemies.

The technique works by timing the use of the directional movement keys – a, s, and d – with a movement of the camera in the opposite direction in the middle of a jump, as Mendo demonstrates.

When executed correctly, the technique enables players to pull off a 90 degree turn in mid-air without losing momentum.

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[Momentum shift explanation begins at 1:33 for mobile viewers]

The technique is perfect for catching enemies off-guard as it makes tracking your movement significantly harder, with your trajectory changing suddenly mid-flight. This is particularly powerful in a game that includes bullet travel time and therefore requires players to lead their shots in order to hit moving targets.

Apex Legends players are currently awaiting the release of Season Two, which many fans hope will reinvigorate the game following an underwhelming first season. Respawn are due to reveal details for the next season during E3 2019 on June 7.

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