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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players want major rework to the in-game store

Published: 19/May/2019 12:05 Updated: 19/May/2019 12:17

by Joe Craven


Players of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall-esque battle royale, are demanding a rework of the in-game store, as the developers address issues surrounding it.

Apex Legends has received community criticism of late, mainly centered around the lack of definitive updates the game has received, particularly when compared to its competitors, like Fortnite Battle Royale, which has a fairly major update once a week.


Now though, they are also facing calls to rework the in-game store, particularly after issues were addressed by Respawn on May 18.

Reddit U/ johnrubyThe in-game store, with the changed layout.

Apex Legends’ in-game store offers players weapon skins, charms and animations in return for in-game currency, as is fairly typical for games nowadays. EA – publishers for Apex Legends – have previously been criticized for their implementation of micro-transactions into their games, such as the FIFA series of soccer games.


However, on May 18, Reddit users noticed changes to the setup of the store, without any item priced by legend token. This shift in appearance was unpopular, and left many Reddit users wondering what the reasons were for this change.

Allfather give me better store! from r/apexlegends

Since then, Respawn have replied in a Reddit post, that explains the situation. “We’ve seen some threads asking about what happened in the store with the removal of recolors and just wanted to give some quick context,” it starts. “We had an issue with the store which meant our next batch of recolors didn’t get in the build in time, so we weren’t able to do the next rotation of recolors. Our options were to just show some number of standard skins or to rotate old recolors back in.”

It finishes by saying that they don’t want to put colors back into the store so soon after their initial release, and that this layout change is only temporary – changing when they release the game’s next patch.


Many users have responded negatively to the post, writing “How about you change the store completely and make skins and camos a reasonable price?”, and another asking for a change to have a complete overhaul of the store itself.


Still, the community appears to be growing in confusion as to Respawn’s approach for the in-game store for their incredibly popular game.


Hopefully with Season 2, launching in June, there will be more content for players to look forward to, both through earned items by playing, and purchasing cosmetics in the store.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends bug lets players find shields without Loba’s ability

Published: 20/Oct/2020 15:23

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have been running into a strange glitch that gives every character in the game a small taste of Loba’s passive as they can see Purple Evo Shields in closed Supply Bins. 

At the start of Apex Legends Season 6, Respawn Entertainment made a change to armor by allowing every player to start with an Evo Shield. 


The premise of the Evo Shield is simple, The more damage you inflict on enemies, the better level of protection you’ll have from the body armor. Thus, players are rewarded for aggressive gameplay rather than hiding in a corner with a gold shield.

You can, obviously, pick up different Evo Shields as you go – be it from ground loot, enemy death boxes, or supply bins. However, when it comes to Supply Bins, players are being given a leg up thanks to an unusual glitch.

Screenshot of Loba's Eye for Quality passive ability
Loba’s Eye for Quality passive lets her see purple items through doors, walls, and closed bins.

A number of players have encountered the glitch, but the clearest example of the issue comes from Reddit user kakudk, who initially thought Crypto had been given a buff. 

Simply, what’s going wrong is, when players approach a Supply Bin, if there is a purple Evo Shield inside, a small glow can be seen around the bin – similar to how Loba is able to see into the bin with her Eye for Quality passive. 

Unlike Loba’s passive, it’s not noticeable when you’re a few hundred meters away and you can’t see every purple or gold item, but it is noticeable when you’re close enough to cause a change in direction and make you head straight for the bin and grab the armor. 


Mah boy Crypto just got his new passive ability from Loba. I guess she did like his hardware. [Ssshhh] from apexlegends

As noted, kakudk isn’t the only player to run into the bug. Others like bryanheq and Ol-CAt have registered their confusion at being able to see the purple glow underneath and around the Supply Bins. 

As of writing, Respawn hasn’t put the issue on their public Trello board, so it’s unknown as to whether or not they are aware of the issue. But, once they are, it shouldn’t be too hard to get it straightened out.