Apex Legends theory potentially unearths new “Legend Heirloom skins”

David Purcell
apex legends heirloom with pathfinder

Apex Legends Heirlooms are the most elusive items in the game but as time goes on, more and more players will eventually accrue enough shards to pick a couple up. But, what if there were Heirloom skins as well? 

Heirlooms are ultra-rare cosmetic items that can be held by Legends when their weapons are holstered. These range from Octane’s Butterfly Knife to Gibraltar’s War Club, with 10 being available to pick up.

However, the future of these collectibles could look very different from how they were initially implemented.

Respawn Entertainment is always looking for new content ideas to integrate, and a new theory – put together carefully by YouTuber Thordan Smash – has unearthed clues that could amount to a new rarity of Legends skins coming in the future.

Loba Apex Legends
The majority of characters in Apex Legends have Heirloom items by now.

Apex Legends Heirloom skins coming?

As seen in a video, posted on January 18, the content creator has been piecing together possible evidence to support this theory since October 2020.

Reeling off a number of rumors, messages, and tweets from the past, including a comment from leaker Biast12 who says: “It’s actually kinda funny because specific Heirloom aren’t using textures for the color. Pretty sure it’s coded.” Using a wheel, these could be changed easily, they said.

Many other people in the video claimed that these proposed Heirloom Legend skins would be a new rarity of Legend skin, above Legendary.

The YouTuber speculates about these being purchasable in-game, earned through events, or even seeing these skins change over time. Thordan points towards datamined information from another leaker – Shrugtal – citing the possibility that these skins may “evolve” in Apex Legends.

Clip below from Thordan Smash breaks down the theory…

In December 2021, Shrugtal followed up by claiming the Bloodhound Pilot skin had three different levels of rarity, with one higher than the current offering.

A number of codenames and ideas found in the game’s files have never seen the light of day, and there is a chance that these alleged Legend Heirloom skins will fall into that category in the future.

That being said, the theory will be good food for thought as Season 12 approaches this February.