Wattson buff idea would give her the best Ultimate ability in Apex Legends

Wattson Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has developed a new Ultimate ability for Wattson with the aim to make her a top-tier meta pick.

When it comes to balancing, there are very few characters that are spoken about more in Apex Legends than Wattson.

After multiple seasons with no changes and a huge amount of backlash from the community, Respawn finally buffed the Static Defender in Season 11.

Despite increasing the power of her Ultimate and Tactical ability, she still sits at a 2.1% pick rate, meaning she remains relatively unpopular.

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As a result, one player decided to develop and rework Wattson’s Ultimate with the aim to make her one of the best Legends in the game, and it’s safe to say they succeeded.

Wattson buff conceptRespawn Entertainment
Wattson has a 2.1% pick rate in Apex Legends.

Wattson buff concept gives her a mobile trophy system

The power of Wattson’s kit is a commonly discussed topic within the Apex community, with a lot of players believing that she’s extremely underpowered.

So, to help bring Wattson into the meta and make her a top-tier pick, modder and designer Archtux decided to rework her Ultimate.

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Instead of keeping her Interception Pylon stationary, they decided to make it a mobile trophy system, effectively making Wattson immune to throwables and projectile abilities.

While there’s no denying this would be incredibly overpowered, Archtux thinks it would be enough to make her one of the best Legends in the game.

As you can see, the new Ultimate makes it easy for Wattson to navigate a Gibraltar Ultimate or multiple grenades.

However, the immunity to all disruption for her and her squad would make it impossible to slow down a push or counter an aggressive play, so it’s unlikely this would ever make it into the game.

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Despite being insanely OP, Archtux’s idea at least proves there are ways to make Wattson the best Legend on the roster, but it might not be the best change for the health of Apex as a whole.

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