Apex Legends TDM mode gets hotfixed following community backlash

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The introduction of TDM (Team Deathmatch) to Apex Legends Season 16 has replaced the Arenas game mode. Players excited to give the mode a try had complaints about its format at first, and Respawn has already made some adjustments.

Apex Legends is no stranger to alternate game modes that mix up or entirely change the core Battle Royale experience. Along with limited-time game modes for seasonal events, alternate modes like Arenas and Control have given players something else to sink their teeth into. A few of the core offerings there have been put into a rotating mixtape playlist.

Arenas was implemented as a permanent game mode for a long while, with it even having its own ranked mode. However, Arenas has now been removed in favor of Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends Season 16.

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Apex Legends players are excited about the change and the availability of a more casual game mode to play, but players pointed out some problems with TDM on the very first day of Season 16. Just one day later, Respawn has already hotfixed the mode with more quality-of-life changes to come.

Apex Legends devs issue emergency hotfix for TDM mode

There’s a lot to look forward to in Season 16. While there isn’t a new legend like most other seasons have had, the rebalancing of classes, new Nemesis AR, and addition of Team Deathmatch have given players plenty of reasons to keep playing.

However, players who wanted to try out the TDM mode on launch day have noticed that players leaving the lobby leaves them stuck in matches without a way to get out. What’s more, new players aren’t getting matchmade into these existing games, leaving players stuck.

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This prompted an emergency hotfix to TDM in Apex Legends, making games last for a single round rather than 3 and raising the kill count required to win from 30 to 50. TDM matches will be shorter overall after the change even if that single round lasts longer.

The developers are also looking into ways to end the match if the entire enemy team leaves, and a leaver penalty for players who quit the game early.

While Respawn is trying to fix players’ grievances with the mode, these issues have stifled some of the excitement to give the new game mode a try.

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