Apex Legends Storm Point hiding spot is unreachable for most characters

Alan Bernal
octane pathfinder storm point

Apex Legends players discovered yet another ‘rat spot’ on Storm Point that makes the people using it unreachable by most characters in the game.

People are still dissecting every inch of Apex’s fourth map since it was released in the Season 11: Escape patch update. Respawn Entertainment went for a larger design for Storm Point that gives it plenty of nooks and crannies for people to hide in.

It’s leading some Apex players to run into teams exploiting these annoying rat spots, which are simply unorthodox places to hide that are obscure enough to completely shroud players until they decide to attack.

But not all of these hidden gaps are the same. Redditor ‘InvalidUserName-105’ found a crevice in Apex that can only be reached if you have a character with high mobility.

That means Legends who usually stay grounded like Gibraltar, Caustic and Wattson, to name a few, would have trouble getting to it in the first place.

Up in the cliffs northeast of Barometer, the player can be seen using Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook to scale boulders which eventually leads to a crevice.

Once you reach the spot, there’s a conveniently placed brush at the summit that goes even further in helping people disguise their location.

apex legend storm point
Apex Legends fourth map, Storm Point, has quite a few rat spots.

“I know that people have some dig against people who rat in Apex Legends, but I don’t believe that it should be frowned upon,” one person said. “This one, however, is a rat among rats.”

Even more interesting is the fact that the game still counts this spot as inbounds and doesn’t force the player to vacate the location within seconds.

There have been some impressive rat spots found in Apex Legends before and this one is already making people dread its potential to be abused.

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