Apex Legends players want Akimbo hop-up for underused pistol weapons

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Apex Legends players have suggested Respawn add an Akimbo hop-up to boost the power and popularity of the game’s underused pistols.

When it comes to picking a weapon in Apex Legends, the majority of players will attempt to find an SMG, LMG, or AR as quickly as possible so they can compete at medium to long range.

While Shotguns and Snipers are often used as secondaries, Pistols are regularly left to the wayside and only used during intense gunfights just after dropping into a map.

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As a result, a lot of players want these guns to see more play and become more popular. So, some of the community have suggested that Respawn add an Akimbo hop-up to push the P2020 and RE45 into the close-quarter meta.

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Apex Legends Season 11 went live on November 2.

Should a Dual-Wield hop-up be added to Apex Legends?

A thread posted by Apex player Student-of-spiderweb sparked a discussion over whether the addition of an Akimbo hop-up could boost the popularity of pistols as a whole.

While a lot of players were confident the concept would bring pistols into the meta, some were concerned the hop-up may be too powerful, particularly for the Mozambique and Wingman.

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“I think maybe even just the P2020 as the RE and Wingman would definitely be OP… the beekie [Mozambique] I’m not sure either it could be too strong akimbo,” wrote one player.

For others, the idea of an Akimbo hop-up wasn’t the best solution, instead suggesting that a future Legend should have a dual-wield ability as their Passive.

Overall, it’s clear that a lot of players would love to see an Akimbo hop-up but are skeptical when it comes to balancing, particularly for high-damage pistols like the Wingman.

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Not only that, the implementation of Akimbo may interfere with certain in-game animations like Octane’s Stim, so it’s hard to know whether Respawn would ever change these actions to accommodate for dual-wield weapons.

Either way, it’s definitely a potential solution for bringing pistols into the meta, but it’s hard to know whether the devs want to keep the P2020 and RE45 as temporary hot-drop guns.

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