Apex Legends stats show which Legends are most powerful

Jacob Hale

A set of updated Apex Legends statistics prove once and for all which Legends are the most powerful in the game – and which ones might be worth avoiding.

Most of us have established who our favorite Legends are in the game by this point. While the Pathfinder nerf was a significant one, he’s still a popular pick and his movement still makes him one of the more formidable characters to come up against.

That said, with the recent introduction of Loba to the game in Season 5, we’ve got an updated set of stats that show how she weighs up against the likes of Pathfinder, Wraith and the rest of the roster.

Wraith continues to be one of the best-performing Legends in Apex.

If you’re looking for a new main to play as, or you’re starting to think your once-overpowered Wraith isn’t quite as good anymore, it might be worth taking a look here to see whether you should consider changing.

Taking a look in particular at damage and kills per match, here’s what the results, courtesy of DreamTeam, show.

Legends with highest Damage Per Match

In terms of Damage Per Match (DPM), Pathfinder and Wraith lead the way, with 491 and 482 respectively. On the lower end of the scale, Bloodhound is the only Legend who averages below 400 DPM, clocking in at little over 393.

Legend Damage Per Match
Pathfinder 491.01
Wraith 482.96
Lifeline 472.77
Gibraltar 466.48
Loba 459.60
Bangalore 451.30
Caustic 444.82
Octane 431.82
Wattson 425.55
Crypto 418.35
Mirage 412.05
Revenant 407.93
Bloodhound 393.10

Legends with highest Kills Per Match

New Legend Loba has slotted in pretty well to Apex Legends, becoming a popular pick (6.88% pick rate), and both her DPM and KPM towards the upper side of the mid-table with 459.60 DPM and 1.46 KPM. In terms of Kills per Match, Wraith and Pathfinder actually come second and third to Lifeline, who clocks in at 1.60 KPM. Bloodhound, on the reverse side, gets only 1.12.

Legend Kills per Match
Lifeline 1.60
Pathfinder 1.58
Wraith 1.54
Loba 1.46
Bangalore 1.42
Octane 1.40
Gibraltar 1.39
Mirage 1.36
Caustic 1.33
Revenant 1.28
Wattson 1.25
Crypto 1.17
Bloodhound 1.12

So, it’s clear to see that Wraith and Pathfinder continue to be the top Legends, but characters such as Lifeline, Loba and Gibraltar can be particularly important when trying to pick a character.

Of course, it wouldn’t be clever to put too much stock into this table. If you believe playing as Wattson gives you and the squad your best chance of winning, then it’s a no-brainer to pick her – but it might be worth considering using this table to judge who to pick if you’re looking for a new main.

DreamTeam also helped us find out which characters have been the most popular in Season 5 of Apex Legends, so it’s interesting to see how the more popular Legends compare when their kills and damage per match are brought to light.

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