Apex Legends cheater discord exposes “streamer hit list” and more

Eliana Bollati
Apex Legends Wattson

An Apex Legends Discord server with a streamer “hit list” and access to buy cheats, dubbed the ‘cheater cord’, has been exposed, highlighting some serious issues in the Apex community.

Apex Legends has found itself in the middle of major controversy following the reveal of a cheating focused discord server filled with streamers and competitive players from the community.

The information shared by Twitter user @Adayumz, a popular figure in the Apex community, alleges large scale cheating by players in the game — going all the way to the Tier 1 scene.

In the footage Adam shares his screen and browses through an Apex Legends server, showing channels with a “hit list” and “whitelist” of streamers cheaters should either aim to kill, or ignore if encountered.

Flipping between the channels and scrolling the server’s member list, he points out various names of prominent players in the community, “every single name you see in here is cheating,” he says on the call.

The thread also includes screenshots of messages between Adam and other individuals involved with cheating in Apex Legends, where they discussed what they knew about cheats in the community.

These conversations alleged cheating by prominent players throughout the past few competitive seasons, and suggested some players were cheating while “playing in the tier 1 realm.”

A discord conversation between Twitter user @Adayumz and another individual discussing cheating in Apex Legends
Discord conversations shared by @Adayumz suggest a large cheating problem in the Apex community

Another message chain was a conversation with an individual called “Patrick” who Adam identified as someone who “makes a career selling cheats and doing sketchy shit on the web”.

In that conversation, Adam explained his motivations behind exposing cheater cord: “drop a nuke on the scene so good people can make it.

The twitter thread also contained multiple clips showing some of the cheats people are encountering in-game, including aimbots and players moving without triggering sound cues.

If the evidence presented in the thread is true, it looks like cheating has become a serious problem in the Apex Legends scene.