Apex Legends pro claims EU Ranked is “unplayable” due to countless cheaters

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Apex Legends pro Elwin ‘KSWINNIIE’ Echeveria has claimed EU Ranked is “unplayable” and “nothing has been done for years” to crack down on the cheaters.

One of the biggest complaints from the Apex Legends community is the abundance of hackers using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage.

While Respawn has promised anti-cheat improvements are on the way, not everyone is satisfied waiting for them to arrive, with Element 6 pro KSWINNIIE claiming EU Ranked is “unplayable” in its current state.

According to them, as soon as they jump into a game they’re immediately “aimbotted” and as Respawn has down “nothing” for years, it’s becoming an increasingly big problem in Europe.

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Calling on Respawn to hire more “anti-cheat staff for EU”, the pro revealed that they usually “grind for top 50 pred” but this split they’ve “barely touched ranked”.

It’s clear the Element 6 pro doesn’t feel like Respawn is doing enough to suspend hackers and remove them from matches, especially when comparing NA to EU.

Noticing the complaints, a member of the security team at Respawn responded by saying that “we have people in EU”.

KSWINNIIE responded by denying that could be true and even going as far as to say that Respawn should “replace” them.

For now, pros and players alike will just have to wait for the anti-cheat improvements that Respawn have vowed are on their way.

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Whether this will be minor changes or a complete overhaul to the detection system is a mystery at the moment, but it’s safe to say that the community is desperate for the anti-cheat update to release.