Apex Legends skins point to Alien & Predator crossover coming in Season 14

Joe Craven
Xenomorph from Alien next to Apex Legends logo

Apex Legends fans believe in-game weapon and Legend skins point to an Alien and Predator crossover coming later in Season 14.

Apex Legends, unlike some of its competitors, has not properly immersed itself into lucrative pop-culture crossovers.

Where Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone have incorporated multiple film stars and iconic film characters into their games, Apex has been more restrained and kept its legend pool rooted in Titanfall. Though, there have been a few themed around Star Wars and Gaiden.

However, we could be about to see an Alien and Predator crossover, with eagle-eyed fans believing legend and weapon skins point to both famous franchises.

Potential Apex Legends Season 14 Alien & Predator crossover

In an August 26 Reddit post, one player suggested that Season 14’s next Collection Event could be based around the universes of Alien, Prometheus (the prequel to Alien), and Predator.

They pointed to a pale Gibraltar skin which has serious similarities to Prometheus, as well as two weapon skins that share colors and patterns with Alien and Predator respectively.

That wasn’t all, however. Another post highlighted cryptic text on on epic weapon skins; text which appears to be straight out of the Predator films.

The weapons in question are the Wingman and Hemlok, with the skins certainly hinting at some link between Apex Legends and the franchises.

Having said that, a lot can change in development processes so it’s worth taking the rumors with a pinch of salt. They will remain rumors until confirmed by Respawn or EA.

If they are to come in Apex’s next Collection Event, we do not yet have a date for it. Some information has pointed to late September but this, much like the leaks themselves, won’t be confirmed until Respawn make an official comment.

Despite starting separately, Alien and Predator have combined previously in a series of films seeing the legendary antagonists clash.

As a result, a collaboration with both could definitely happen but, without a track record of pop-culture crossovers, it’s not clear exactly how it’d work in Apex Legends.