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Apex Legends insider hints Wattson heirloom finally on its way

Published: 8/Sep/2020 7:47 Updated: 8/Sep/2020 9:03

by Isaac McIntyre


Wattson could finally be in line to get her very own rare Heirloom set in the next few Apex Legends seasons, according to a cheeky tease from Brazilian battle royale content creator TheNeon_Beast.

Brazilian Apex Legends content creator TheNeon_Beast has been a solid source for insider battle royale information in the last few months. Recently, he tipped Apex crossplay was coming as soon as September 15 in the “After Market” event, alongside popular dataminer Shrugtal.

Now he’s dropped a cheeky hint at who could be getting the next Apex Legends heirloom. In his words, the rare Season 8 collection set is “gonna be shocking” ⁠— there’s only one Legend that seems to fit that bill: pylon-building Wattson.


Another Apex dataminer, SomeoneWhoLeaks, responded that Neon “isn’t wrong,” though this wasn’t a clear confirmation. Fans did take it as such however and soon began sharing Wattson GIFs, videos, and responses on the September 7 tweet.

The tease doesn’t mention what kind of heirloom Wattson could be getting when it does arrive. There’s every chance it would be based around her electric tools, though it could be something simple like a book, or hilarious, like a baguette.

If Wattson is indeed up next for an heirloom, she will join an exclusive club Wraith, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Mirage, and Octane are already part of. Bangalore and Caustic are also expected to be bequeathed heirlooms this season.


Murderous simulacrum Revenant is another that has been tipped to get an heirloom in the next few updates, though that seems a little less likely at this point.

That being said, every Legend will “eventually” get their hands on an heirloom at some point, according to developer Jason McCord. Not all of them are being worked on at the moment though, so some Legends may be in for a bit of a wait.

Wattson could be in line to get an Apex Legends heirloom after Bangalore and Caustic.
Respawn Entertaiment
Wattson could be in line to get an Apex Legends heirloom after Bangalore and Caustic.

It’s also worth noting there’s nothing in the Apex Legends code that backs up this Neon leak just yet. Usually when the battle royale updates add all-new content, dataminers like Shrugtal and Biast12 will share all the juicy details soon after.


Both have been relatively quiet on this front for the moment, however. Dexerto has also been able to confirm only Bangalore and Caustic seem to have any extensive heirloom details in the code.

So, take these Wattson heirloom hints with a grain of salt. Until Respawn officially unveils the news, anything’s possible. Considering the Static Defender’s heirloom is being tipped to drop in Season 8 too, it could be a bit of wait for confirmation.