Apex Legends Season 8 is being ruined by laggy servers and connection problems

Fuse in a Pirate skin in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players are growing increasingly frustrated by the server issues that have been plaguing Season 8, calling on Respawn to do something immediately.

The start of Apex Legends Season 8 has brought about significant change to the battle royale. Fuse has been introduced as a new character, Kings Canyon has been changed quite drastically, and the 30-30 Repeater is ripping through enemies. 

Though, the new season has also brought quite a few issues as well. The annoying Code: Leaf error code has been rearing its head, and players have been stuck inside infinite loading screens, preventing them from getting to the main lobby at all.

These issues are both linked to the game’s servers being overwhelmed and struggling to perform as players jump into the battle royale for a few matches. 

Apex infinite loading screenRespawn Entertainment
Some players have been hit with an infinite loading screen, among other issues.

Players have been reporting all kinds of connection related issues, from not being able to find games, to games not loading when its meant to, and constant lagging when a game starts. 

TSM’s Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith called out the devs and the state of the servers after one of his ranked games went off the rails and he was teleported through a wall. 

“This is the state of your servers in Predator ranked right now,” he said, showing off the insanely laggy game. “There’s no shot you guys aren’t aware of this but something seriously needs to be done.”

Fellow streamer Daltoosh echoed Albralelie’s post, hitting out at the servers and labeling them a “joke.” 

“Apex servers are a fu**ing joke man,” he said. “Literally the worst experience to play on. Needs to be fixed asap. Actually unacceptable they haven’t done anything yet.”

Of course, it’s not just the pros and streamers that are affected. A large portion of the playerbase is reporting similar issues. Some Redditors claimed they’ve barely been able to play the new season at all because of the connection issues. 

Respawn investigating server issues

Making matters worse, there is a collection event ongoing, which only lasts for two weeks, meaning players are missing out on the chance to unlock the cosmetics.

“Random 250ms latency during games and server connection issues are the norm we must get used to now,” said one player. “These servers are ridiculous. Honestly, they should at least make some kind of statement about a fix? There needs to be some kind of change,” added another.

Respawn have added two of the main issues to their Trello board: The infinite loading screens and the “slow-mo” servers. Both of these issues are marked as being “investigated” at the time of writing.

Hopefully, there will be some fixes soon to address the problems.