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Apex Legends Season 5 will add new way to instantly charge your Ultimate

Published: 10/May/2020 21:05 Updated: 10/May/2020 21:16

by Albert Petrosyan


Among the many changes coming to Apex Legends in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, Respawn Entertainment are adding in a new device on the map that players will be able to use to instantly recharge their Ultimate ability.

With Season 5 just around the corner, developers Respawn Entertainment have a lot of new content and major changes set in store for the Apex Legends player-base.

As with every new season, Fortune’s Favor will introduce a lot of major map changes to Kings Canyon, focused on “excavating” the original setting of the Apex Games.

Respawn EntertainmentThis new device in Apex Legends Season 5 will allow Legends to recharge their ability in seconds.

Several of those changes were teased in the most recent gameplay trailer and a closer look at one of them revealed what appears to be some sort of machine that can charge up a Legend’s Ultimate ability in a second.

During a brief moment in the second half of the trailer, Gibraltar can be seen interacting with the device, which is full of bright yellow electricity that sparks around the area.

Once he’s done typing on the small computer screen, all that electricity gets flushed out of the machine and presumably into Gibby, and the screen clearly shows his Ult getting recharged. He then says his iconic “opening the skies” line, and launches the Defensive Bombardment.

(At 1:20 mark for mobile users)

The addition of such a device makes sense considering that an Apex Legends dev recently hinted that there will be more than meets the eye with the Season 5 map changes.

Exactly where this will be located has not been confirmed, but prominent dataminer iLootGames has used the background drop from the trailer scene to determine that it’ll most likely be in the area between Wetlands, The Cage, and Swamps on the right side of Kings Canyon.

That area is currently not occupied by any points-of-interest or major structures, and considering that it’s relatively near the middle of the map, it would be the perfect spot for a giant excavation project with an Ult charging machine at the heart of it.

Of course, there will be a massive risk vs reward element attached to using this device. On one hand, it’ll be a very powerful option for players to be able to recharge their Ultimate so quickly, especially if they’ve just used it, meaning you can essentially double up on the ability.

However, everyone will know where the machine is located, so there will always be teams that hide near it hoping to catch unaware Legends looking for a quick charge. Also, considering that it’ll be placed at the bottom of the excavation pit, there will be plenty of high-ground spots in the surrounding ridges for enemy squads to fire down at those who visit.

We also don’t know exactly how this mechanic will work; while the trailer makes it clear that it will quickly recharge an Ult, there could be some sort of drawback to it too.

For example, players might have to give up some of their health and/or shields to activate it. Or, it could require some sort of payment to turn on, in the form of supplies like Shield Batteries or Phoenix Kits.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor will be releasing on Tuesday, May 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Apex Legends devs already testing more Octane changes after Season 7 buffs

Published: 19/Nov/2020 3:38 Updated: 19/Nov/2020 3:48

by Isaac McIntyre


Respawn is already planning to ship more changes for speedster Octane in the next Apex Legends update, game designer Daniel Klein has revealed, despite the fact he just got hefty Season 7 healing buffs to “help him win more.”

Apex Legends’ fast-talking, fast-moving Adrenaline Junkie has long been one of the game’s most popular characters, but his win rate often lands a lot lower than his play rate.

This issue came to a head in Season 6, when Octane dipped to one of the lowest victory margins in Apex Legends. Respawn hustled to ship a “small buff” for the Legend in Season 7’s update, in the hopes they could stabilize his success. The Nov. 4 buff, shipped in the ‘Ascension’ patch, only targeted his “Swift Mend” passive. His healing doubled, up to 1.0 per second.

The buff had the desired effect; Octane was springboarded back into the mix in Season 7. Only, whatever changes Respawn made to the speedster seems to have broken his Jump Pad ultimate. The bug has created an “unintentional nerf.”

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Octane finally got his Apex Legends buffs, but they’ve “broken” his ultimate at the same time.

Octane buffs break Jump Pad ultimate

While Respawn didn’t notice the unintended change, multiple reports from concerned Apex Legends players have now tipped them off. Klein replied to one such report, confirming more Octane changes are being tested.

“Our plan is to give you [Octane players] access to that higher arc [on the Jump Pad] by default, and let you opt into the lower arc… but maybe make it longer, to be decided with playtesting,” the Apex Legends dev revealed.

“Using the jump pad normally will now [once the next patch goes live] always give you the higher, super jump arc. Crouch walking or sliding into the jump pad will give you an arc at the old normal height [pre-Season 7], potentially with a longer horizontal travel distance.”

Klein also added this Jump Pad rework wouldn’t be on its way just yet, with more testing still required. He said, “Don’t expect it to come any time this patch. Hoping to target next patch (January). No guarantees though!”

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
Apex’s adrenaline-fueled speedster will find himself in January’s patch notes.

Respawn may also nerf Octane’s Swift Mend

The new Jump Pad rework isn’t the only plan Respawn has in their pocket for the speedster either, however. Klein has admitted the healing buff has handed Octane a huge surge in win rate, and fired him straight into ‘busted’ territory.

“Let me tell you, you may unironically be right,” Klein said, replying to a Apex Legends fan sarcastically joking that Octane needs a nerf. “The passive buff looks to be HUGE in data; to the point where I’m like, ‘Oh no, what did I do?’”

Klein has yet to confirm if Octane’s Swift Mend will be tweaked again in January, however. On that front, Apex players will simply have to wait and see.