Apex Legends dev confirms no new weapon coming in Season 5

Bill Cooney

A producer at Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that players won’t be seeing a new weapon in Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, despite widespread speculation ahead of the May 8 gameplay trailer.

The Apex Legends Season 5 gameplay trailer finally dropped on May 8, and while it provided a look at an all-new PvE mode, among other things, there was also no sign of a new gun to be seen.

This wasn’t just an oversight by Respawn though, as Apex Legends producer Josh Medina confirmed that there’s, in fact, no new weapon coming in Season 5.

Every Apex Legends season so far has debuted a new weapon, and there had been a ton of speculation in recent weeks that we would be seeing the Volt SMG from Respawn’s Titanfall series arrive as part of Season 5.

We even saw multiple leaked skins for the upcoming weapon, which at the time all but confirmed for a lot of people that it would be arriving when Fortune’s Favor kicks off on May 12.

But it seems like players will have to wait a little longer for the new energy sub-machine gun if one of Apex’s devs has come out and said straight up that it’s not happening.

Titanfall 2’s Volt SMG—known for its ‘blue tracers’, high-damage hitscan shots.

That said, we could be in for a surprise, as Medina was originally asked if there was “no new weapon to start the season”, which could leave the door open for the Volt arriving sometime later on.

Exactly when that could be is obviously unknown, since the very idea that it will get here later than usual is still just speculation, for now.

With skins for the Volt already in Apex’s game files though, it’s very likely that the weapon will be added sometime in the future, but whether it’s going to happen in Season 5 or 6 remains to be seen.

Players will have to try out Loba without the help of a new weapon to start Season 5.

Despite no new weapon to kick things off, at least we’ll finally get to try out Loba and see what her kit of abilities actually has to offer.

Season 5 of Apex Legends is set to kick off on May 12 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, so it won’t be very long at all before we can hop in and try out all of the new content.