Apex Legends pros start using Bangalore to counter aim assist in ALGS

Apex Legends Bangalore aim assistRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pros have added Bangalore to their team comps as she hard counters aim assist with her tactical ability.

While the debate surrounding the power of controller aim assist has been going on since the release of Apex Legends back in 2019, it’s been particularly heated recently.

This is because pros like Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen have openly voiced that they think aim assist is overpowered and is easy to “abuse”.

It’s clear a lot of other NA ALGS players believe this too, as it was revealed recently that the top 12 performers following the third round of matches on November 14 were all using controller.

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In response, a set of teams from the APAC region have started using Bangalore, as the Professional Solider has an ability that directly counters aim assist.

Apex Legends Bangalore aim assistRespawn Entertainment
Bangalore has a 4.8% pick rate in Season 15.

How to counter aim assist with Bangalore in Apex Legends

Instead of waiting on Respawn to nerf aim assist, some ALGS players have come up with their own counters, and one of them is Bangalore.

When a controller player aims into the Professional Soldier’s smoke, their aim assist is completely disabled.

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This makes it extremely difficult for them to lock onto a target and track their movement. As a result, APAC players are using this to force unfair gunfights, giving the upper hand to MnK users.

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It’s worth noting, a controller player doesn’t need to be inside the smoke for their aim assist to be shut down, simply aiming towards it prevents it from functioning.

As Apex streamer Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin explained to his viewers on stream, Bangalore is becoming a staple pick in APAC and it may spread to other regions in the near future.

With so many pros taking up controller and dropping MnK for good, the Professional Soldier may be the only direct counter available.

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If you’re getting frustrated with controller users as an MnK player, it could be time to learn Bangalore, as it seems unlikely that a nerf to aim assist is coming from Respawn anytime soon.

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