Apex Legends players demand aim assist nerf as controller pros dominate ALGS

Loba pointing white pistol at enemy in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends pros who use controller have been dominating the new ALGS season in North America, however some players want to use it as a force for change. 

The debate between controller and keyboard/mouse dominance has been raging among gamers for years, but it’s further been put under the microscope in recent years. 

As battle royales like Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have gotten bigger and bigger, they’ve allowed for cross-play between those who use controller and those who’d rather use a keyboard and mouse. Both, of course, have their advantages, but many KB/M users have equated controllers to having a “soft aimbot” in-game

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In the Apex Legends competitive scene, controller has become a popular choice between players, even if they have complained about looting speed and other features. 

Controller pros are dominating Apex Legends ALGS

Well, with the new ALGS season getting underway, it appears as if controllers have become the dominant force in matches. 

Following the third round of matches on November 14, DarkZero’s Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore flagged the fact that 12 of the 14 highest performers in the NA ALGS scene currently use a controller. 

That includes the likes of RamBeau – who sits in top spot – ImperialHal, Verhulst, and Dezignful. As of writing, the highest-ranked keyboard and mouse player is Atlanta Premier’s Kyle ‘Crook’ Hughes, who sits in seventh. The next highest KB/M user is DarkZero’s Rhys ‘Zer0’ Perry, who sits in 12th. 

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The stats have caused enough frustrations from fans that they’re using them as evidence that Respawn needs to change things up for controller players. 

“We need inputs lobbies to end this MNK vs ‘roller debate once and for all,” said one. “It’s almost as if controller has some ridiculous advantage,” commented another. “I do believe that aim assist is necessary but stats show how broken and overachieving it is. Balance is necessary,” added another player, though they noted that they were a little unsure as to how it would be fixed. 

Other players noted that Respawn has previously stated that they’d look into the balancing around aim assist and controllers, but who knows when they may make changes next.

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