Apex Legends pros slam devs for leaving game in “the worst state” it’s ever been

Theo Burman
apex legends pros slam devs

Several Apex Legends pro players have heavily criticized Respawn and EA for their lack of communication and prioritization of revenue over fixing core issues with the game.

On an episode of the Apex After Hours podcast, pros Albralelie and Snip3down blasted the developers for not responding to longstanding bugs and glitches, most notably the silent gun firing exploit that has existed for several months.

The game’s management was also criticized by k4shera, who tweeted out a lengthy summary of what was wrong with the “literally broken” current state of play in Apex.

Albralelie and Snip3down lash out at “pathetic” management of Apex Legends

Albralelie said that he was “out of patience” with the game, and described Respawn’s current approach to development as “pathetic” because game-breaking issues such as no sound in team fights should be patched within weeks.

Snip3down of Apex Legends and Halo fame.
Snip3down was critical of the management of Apex, but said it came from a place of love for the game.

Snip3down unfavorably compared Respawn’s management of Apex to how Riot Games manages Valorant, saying that the latter was “the golden standard o how you want to see developers see and communicate and react to issues.”

“None of this matters to [Respawn]. This also goes on to the DDoSing issue or the cheating issue in ranked that people are complaining about. How has it taken so long to fix something like this?”

For Snip3down, the biggest insult is the “zero communication” from developers about the direction the game is headed in, because the “only goal is to push out cosmetics.” According to k4shera, the game was in a state that”no competitor should’ve been forced to compete with”.

The pros highlighted that the frustration was so strong because of how much they love the core game. It’s “because the game is so good” that they want it to be improved.

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