Apex Legends pro HisWattson hits out at devs over invisible bullets

hiswattson sitting down during algs tournament game.ALGS

Apex Legends pro player HisWattson has called out developer Respawn Entertainment over the invisible bullet tracers and audio bugs affecting competitive play.

Season 16 has seen some gameplay-related bugs emerge in Apex Legends. Amongst these bugs are the invisible bullet tracers and broken gun audio that can make identifying the direction of incoming fire more difficult than intended.

Several notable Apex players have spoken out against how Respawn has handled bug fixing including TSM’s ImperialHal.

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As we approach the end of the season, the Apex devs have yet to provide an official response for any of the highlighted bugs. This has pushed Apex pro HisWattson to speak out.

HisWattson tells Apex devs to make a statement on invisible bullets bug

HisWattson responded to a post by the official Apex Legends Twitter account showing off the new ‘Haute Disguise’ legendary Loba skin. Highlighting a focus on skins over gameplay, HisWattson was frustrated with Respawn not acknowledging the invisible bullet tracers bug.

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His response reads: “Skin is cool but we are playing for millions of dollars in your Pro League while being shot at by bullets that are invisible and make no sound please make a statement on the issue + Ratio.”

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The FURIA player followed up with a quote tweet “requesting a ratio,” from Apex players looking to increase visibility on the issue and encourage the devs to take action.

The bug HisWattson is talking about was highlighted on April 17 by another pro player, sweetdreams. Sweet posted a video where his team was wiped out by a squad shooting invisible tracers and silent guns.

Frustrations with the state of Apex can be seen throughout the community. FaZe Snip3down described the battle royale game as being in “the worst state it’s ever been,” and players have been complaining about issues with the anti-cheat.

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