Apex Legends pro ImperialHal wants 3 changes to Ranked play in Season 11

ImperialHal Ranked changesRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has called for a rework to the game’s Ranked mode and suggested three major changes the devs could implement.

As with any battle royale or multiplayer FPS, Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart and is filled with players who want to win every single match they jump into.

It’s this desire to come out on top that spurs the community to play the title’s Ranked mode every season. This gives players a chance to test their skills against opponents of a similar level, as they attempt to work their way up the tiers.

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However, as Respawn hasn’t touched or updated this Ranked mode for a long time, a lot of players feel like the system has become outdated.

One of which is Apex Legends pro-ImperialHal, who has suggested three changes he wants to see come to Ranked in Season 11.

Apex Legends Ranked changesRespawn Entertainment
Currently, players do not get demoted in Apex Legends Ranked.

ImperialHal calls for an overhaul to Apex Legends Ranked

With the #ChangeApexLegendsRanked trend beginning in mid-August on Twitter, a lot of streamers and pro players have shared their opinion on what features need to be added to the mode.

On August 26, ImperialHal decided to join the conversation and shared that he thinks the current Ranked system is outdated. According to him, so much has changed in Apex since Ranked was last tweaked, meaning the mode needs an update so it aligns with what the player base is looking for.

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Instead of just calling for an overhaul, ImperialHal suggested three changes that could be made in Season 11 to help rejuvenate Ranked.

For starters, he wants demotion to be added to the mode to stop players from reaching a high rank and not playing their best. As there’s no risk of dropping in the current system, it doesn’t provide an incentive for players to always go for the win.

Next, he asks for an in-game leaderboard so it’s easy to see which tier you’re in and who you’re competing against. This is particularly important for Apex Predators, as having to check leaderboards online is awkward and doesn’t feel as rewarding.

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Finally, cosmetics for certain Predator rankings to push players to perform at their best and hopefully, reach the top.

While none of these features would be major additions to the overall game, they would provide more incentive for the community to play ranked, and create a better distribution of players on the ladder.

Respawn may opt to make changes to Ranked in Season 11, but as adding brand new content will always be their priority, it’s not likely to be on the top of their list