Apex Legends exploit allows Seer to move at full speed while scanning

Apex Legends SeerRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends streamer Christian ‘Nokokopuffs’ Feliciano has shared an exploit on Seer that allows you to scan through walls and buildings while moving at full speed, thanks to bunny hopping.

Season 10 of Apex Legends is well underway and players are loving all of the new content that arrived with the major update. Whether it’s the new Legend Seer, the Rampage LMG, or the changes to the Worlds Edge map, Respawn certainly knocked it out of the park with Emergence.

Despite this, due to Seer’s overwhelming power and popularity following his release, the Ambush Master was hit with some heavy nerfs in a recent patch.

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However, this hasn’t stopped talented Apex players from mastering his kit and learning everything there is to know about the latest Legend to arrive in The Outlands.

For Nokokopuffs, that meant finding a movement exploit that allows Seer to move at full speed while scanning with his Passive.

Apex Legends Seer movement exploitRespawn Entertainment
Seer arrived in Apex Legends Season 10.

How to scan while bunny hopping with Seer

Seer’s heartbeat sensor is one of the most powerful aspects of his kit, giving him invaluable information about the position and direction a set of enemies is heading.

While it’s impossible to move at full speed whilst aiming with your Tactical on the Ambush Master, Twitch streamer Nokokopuffs has found a solution and it involves bunny-hopping.

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As demonstrated in the clip, if you put away your weapons and slide bunny hop while aiming in, you’re able to move at full speed while scanning everywhere around you.

This means you can move through locations quickly and locate enemies for your squad without putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

Respawn may opt remove this exploit from the game, but there’s always a chance the devs leave it as a technique for players to master. While learning this trick certainly won’t turn you into an Apex Predator, it’s definitely worth practicing in the Firing Range if you’re a Seer main.

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Like anything in Apex, it’s key you’re moving as efficiently and quickly as possible while performing any activities. That way, you’ll consistently avoid more enemy gunfire and always be in the best position to take a skirmish.