Apex Legends players want Fortnite inspired feature to rescue downed teammates

Joe Craven
Seer in Apex Legends next to Fortnite chatacter carrying teammate
Respawn / Epic Games

Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn to add a Fortnite feature to their battle royale, which would enable players to pick up downed teammates and haul them to safety. 

Since Fortnite injected new life into the battle royale genre back in 2017, plenty has been shared between some of the biggest BRs in the world.

We’ve seen Epic Games’ title take a leaf out of Apex’s book by implementing reboot cards, and now Apex players are calling for Respawn to add a pretty unique Fortnite feature.

The feature requested relates to downed teammates, specifically being able to pick them up and haul them to safety. Since the first season of Chapter 2, players have been able to throw downed teammates over their shoulders and carry them to quieter locations to revive them.

Epic Games - Fortnite
Fortnite Chapter 2 allows players to carry both teammates and fallen enemies.

Redditor ‘fortniteplayergg‘ suggested the feature be added to Apex Legends, even sketching how they envisage the different legends would carry their teammates away from the firefights.

Revenant and Caustic, rather hilariously, were sketched as dragging their downed comrade by the ankle.

Most either sat their teammates on their equipment, piggy-backed them or threw them over the shoulder firefighter-style. Gibraltar though, the gentle giant, was cradling his teammate like a newborn child.

The post amassed over 13,000 upvotes, suggesting it would be an incredibly popular addition, as well as showing the appreciation for the OP’s sketches.

At the moment in Apex Legends, players who are downed are pretty much at the mercy of the enemies around them, with Knockdown Shields their best bet of staying up until their teammates can reach them.

Whether Respawn intend to add such a feature is unclear, but it would definitely shake up how gunfights are carried out.