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Apex Legends ‘Warden’ character idea would take healing to the next level

Published: 10/Oct/2021 14:19

by Joe Craven


An Apex Legends character concept would bring a new medic into Respawn’s battle royale, providing competition to Lifeline and taking support heroes to the next level.

Lifeline’s viability and popularity have fluctuated across Apex Legends’ lifespan but she has always remained the game’s only medic character.

We’ve seen new characters based on mobility, recon, and speed, but never a healing-based Legend. Though, that’s not for a lack of trying from fans.

However, one player has taken matters into their own hands and devised a healing-based legend that would definitely shake up the meta, as well as challenge Lifeline for the title of best in-game medic.


Apex Legends how to play Lifeline
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Lifeline is one of the original Legends in Apex.

Redditor ‘dvtheall‘ has designed the awesome Warden, a Frontline Guardian based around supporting teammates and nursing them back to full health.

A robotic figure akin to Pathfinder, Warden dons red and white overalls; apt given its focus on first aid.

In terms of abilities, the Passive would be known as Guardian Angel. This would allow Warden to send a device to downed teammates within 60m to pick them up remotely, with the Legend itself stuck in an animation until the revive is complete.

The Legend’s Tactical would be called Transfusion Beam, and would allow it to steal shield off a target, depending on how long the beam has been charged up for.


Finally, Warden’s Ultimate would be known as Resurrection Field. Placing a totem would trigger a 20m sphere, in which Warden’s team would receive a number of health benefits, including one self-revive.

However, the totem would emit a noise and therefore be susceptible to enemy destruction, which would end the protective sphere.

Warden is a truly awesome vision, described by one fan as a combination of Revenant and Lifeline. It’s a rather unlikely combination, but we’d love to see this robotic support Legend in Apex.