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Bizarre Apex Legends bug is ruining games by playing music to everyone

Published: 29/Aug/2021 14:16

by Joe Craven


A bizarre Apex Legends bug is ruining games in a hilarious (albeit incredibly frustrating) manner – playing random music to players as they are in battle royale matches.

Apex Legends has seen its fair share of bugs since its launch. Like any game of its size, unwelcome issues, consistency problems, and glitches can rear their ugly heads, as much as developers try and see them off.

They can vary massively though – from the egregious that undo ranked progress to the minor that let characters hurl themselves around the map like boomerangs.

This one falls somewhere in the middle: frustrating and potentially game ruining, but also completely random and amusing.


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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Season 10 brought a host of new content to the battle royale, but a few unwelcome bugs too.

The bug was pinpointed by Redditor Skyrider_Epsilon, who managed to capture the moment during an Xbox Ranked lobby. Towards the end of the game, and with the circle closing in, obnoxiously loud music begins to play for no clear reason.

“Every match seems to play some kind of…. music?” the Redditor said. They also confirmed that every other player in the game heard the music.

Other Redditors responded to confirm that similar issues had affected their games recently, with little to no explanation.

One said: “It happened to me, I was hearing Holo day bash music for some reason.” Another joked: “Ah yes, need to hear footsteps? Here’s a chord instead.”


(Ranked/Xbox) Every match seems to play some kind of…. music? (everyone in the lobby also hears it) from apexlegends

Respawn have not yet commented on the bug, but it appears to have become more common during Season 10.

There also does seem to be a complete fix, with some Redditors stating that turning music off completely in Apex’s menu prevents the issue from occurring.

It’s not ideal, and can almost certainly cloak the noises of incoming enemies. However, it does seem to affect the whole lobby, so at least it remains a level playing field, albeit a loud one.