Apex Legends players slam ‘toxic’ Character Select screen flashes

apex legends character select screenRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legend Character Select Screen has a blinding flash animation that people can use to troll players and the community wants Respawn to tone down the effect.

Before hopping into a match, Apex teams need to choose their comps. Scrolling through the picks gives off a quick flash to introduce the Legend you’re currently spectating.

The brief effect has been in the game for a long time and it’s hardly noticeable until someone is doing it to get a rise out of their own teammates.

“Usually the ones who do this are terrible teammates/toxic,” one person said. “It’s a good indication you’re in for a rough game.”

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Players who wouldn’t describe themselves as being particularly photosensitive were even bothered by the flashes.

“Could this flashing screen be removed?” user ‘Juan52’ said. “I’m in no way epileptic but this still hurts when someone decides to do it.”

“I’m not photosensitive but after I had started having seizures,” another person continued. “Flashing lights hurt my eyes for whatever reasons, or at least made it more sensitive. Which is why I absolutely hate when people start spam picking/unpicking legends.”

People are calling for Respawn to tone down the bright transition in the Apex Legends’ Character Select screen to avoid any potential harm.

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apex legends muzzle flashRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends use to have a muzzle flash issue that had intense visuals similar to the character select screen.

Respawn Entertainment have addressed bright effects in Apex Legends before. There used to be an issue with the muzzle flash animations for most of the guns in the battle royale.

The problem persisted until the developers issued sweeping changes to Apex’s arsenal in Season 4 that combated the issue.

Apex Legends players are hoping something similar could happen again with the flashes in the Character Select screen in a future update.