Apex Legends players slam “pitiful” Ash buff in Sun Squad Collection Event

Alec Mullins
apex legends pink ash header

Ash received a buff in Apex Legends’ Sun Squad Collection Event update, but many players think it wasn’t enough to make her worth playing again.

Ash mains had been pleading for a buff for most of her lifespan, and Respawn is finally giving them what they wanted in the Sun Squad Collection Event.

The boost arrived in the form of boosting her Arc Snare tactical, making it travel faster and increasing the chance that it would nab its intended target. That was a common request on its own, but there are still many that think the Incisive Instigator needed more than that to be viable, and one player highlighted a major issue with the ability as a whole.

Ash’s new Apex Legends buff details

As pointed out by lilakey on Reddit, Ash’s tactical is a one-handed ability. In Apex Legends, that typically comes with some perks. Other Legends use one-handed abilities while sprinting, reloading, or healing just fine.

Ash, on the other hand, can’t do any of these things, drastically impacting how useful it can be in high-pressure situations.

There’s no denying that buff was a big improvement to that ability, but the community still thinks there’s room for their favorite Simulacrum to grow.

“It felt like a pretty pitiful buff for a character that hasn’t been relevant really ever. I wish it could have been more, making it similar to these might make her a little more enticing to play,” one passionate fan commented.

Another added that they wanted to see her ultimate ability range get extended, as well as maybe given a marker to determine how far it’s going to take the caster. “When her ult cuts short, it gets you killed. That’s likely one of the main reasons she’s not used in competitive.”

The buff won’t land in-game until March 28, but the early reviews have drawn a clear consensus around the latest Heirloom-wielding Legend’s chance of joining the meta.