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Apex Legends players ridicule Respawn over “lazy” Battle Pass skins

Published: 31/Dec/2021 23:37

by Alec Mullins


What started as a nostalgic ode to previous seasons to Battle Passes of Apex Legends turned into a roast fest as players ridiculed Respawn Entertainment’s choice of skins in the most recent seasons. 

In its 11 seasons, Apex Legends has produced a ton of memorable skins for the game’s evergreen roster of characters. While there are tons of ways to get new skins, such as the Item Shop, seasonal events, and Collections, the easiest way to collect skins is the Battle Pass.

The game’s seasonal rewards track always comes with a handful of new skins and has been the primary place for players to bulk up their collection since the game’s launch.


There have been some notable skins that debuted on the pass in the past, like Wraith’s Demon’s Whisper and Caustic’s Prince of Darkness, but many players are frustrated with the lack of iconic cosmetics in the last few outings.

Apex Legends players ridicule Respawn over Battle Pass skins

Gibraltar Legendary Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
There are five skins to collect in the Apex Legends Season 11 Battle Pass.

The conversation was sparked by a post that highlighted the impressive quality of skins from the game’s earlier seasons.

While the bigger conversation was friendly at first, by the end it was clear that many Apex fans weren’t impressed with the Season 10 and 11 offerings.

In the comments, the original poster highlighted the Biotic Luminary Horizon skin from Season 11 as an example of a skin that’s not as impressive as the usual standard: “Gotta save all those good skins for collection events where 1 Legendary skin costs twice as much as the BP.”


Another commenter added that a lack of exciting new content has nearly driven them away from the game entirely: “Used to play it every day for a year. Haven’t touched the game in 6 months now. Every drop of lore and new content feels half-hearted.”

While the devs have had bigger problems on their hands the last few seasons – like making sure the game’s servers are healthy enough to survive the launch of a new season and cleaning up the mountain of cheaters in Ranked – it’s clear that the community is hoping for a special effort in Season 12.