Respawn devs keep teasing an Apex Legends TV show and it could be coming soon

. 6 months ago
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Apex Legends fans could be getting their TV series wishes fulfilled a lot sooner than expected ⁠— Respawn devs keep teasing plans for a show based on the battle royale and it looks like it could be coming very soon too.

The immense success of League of Legends show Arcane has kicked video game adaptation talks into high gear across the industry, and that includes popular battle royale Apex Legends.

An Apex Legends series, or even a movie, has been very high on player wishlists since the game first debuted back in 2019. The oft-demanded idea has major legs, players claim, because of the title’s rich vein of characters and heavily-detailed backstories told through cutscenes and comics.

Respawn Entertainment seems to have the same ideas too.

In fact, Apex Legends devs keep teasing a TV series, on Netflix or elsewhere, and their thinly-veiled teasers are now pointing to a fast-approaching debut date.

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Respawn Entertainment
The Respawn battle royale could go in any direction with its cast of legends in a series.

Apex devs keep teasing TV series

Respawn’s developers teasing an Apex Legends television show or film series is nothing new, with then-director Chad Grenier declaring back in 2020 he’d “love to do [a series]” set in the battle royale’s growing universe.

Then, six months ago, Ryan Rigney ⁠— who has also since departed Respawn ⁠— responded to show questions with a zipped-mouth emoji during a Q&A.

Now, more recently, more clues are starting to pop up. On December 28, an eager Apex Legends fan re-edited Arcane’s now-iconic “Enemy” intro to instead include the battle royale’s colorful cast. The edit ⁠— which is incredible, Dexerto must say ⁠— quickly caught the eye of several Respawn devs.

New clues suggest reveal coming soon

On December 30, the game’s lead writer, Amanda Doiron, responded with a gasping emoji, and one of the title’s producers, Tim Lewinson, shared the clip with a message: “I have some conversations to follow up on come January.”

While neither confirmed anything, Lewinson’s reply is the first time we’ve seen dates mentioned. This suggests an official announcement may be coming soon.

While it’s all very exciting to hear about a potential Apex Legends series coming to life, especially after the success of other shows like Arcane and Castlevania, it’s worth taking any hints and teasers with a pinch of salt.

The January hint does suggest the wheels are already turning behind the scenes, but considering how long Riot Games and Fortiche took to make Arcane, we may not be any closer to watching an Apex Legends show in 2022. Instead, it may just be writing and casting news next month.

Basically, unless Respawn unveils their plans, nothing is locked in ⁠— until that happens, keep up with all the news in our dedicated Apex Legends TV series hub.

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