Apex Legends players mock “lazy” skin recolors in the store

Daniel Cleary
Weapon skin in Apex Legends

Some Apex Legends fans are not impressed by the latest batch of skins in the battle royale, calling them “lazy” for simple recolors being released as new cosmetic items to unlock or purchase.

[jwplayer cf8U9voE]There is plenty of choice when it comes to customizing your weapons or characters in Apex Legends, with Respawn constantly releasing new cosmetics to keep the game looking and feeling fresh.

These cosmetics can be picked up through Apex Packs, completing challenges, or with Crafting Metals in the skin menu, and often feature unique designs that will help your character stand out.

Assault rifle skins in Apex Legends
Apex Legends allows players to customize their weapons with different tiered cosmetics.

However, following the latest cosmetics added to Apex Legends, players have criticized Respawn for being “lazy”, particularly with weapon skins, claiming that they have been a little lackluster.

While many of the unique designs often get a lot of love, fans have not been too happy with past skins being “recolored” and reintroduced as a new item.

“Lazy” weapon skin recolors?

One Apex Legends fan, u/d0gbite, expressed their disappointment with the recent ‘Ghillied As Charged’ camo for the Triple Take sniper rifle, suggesting that it was for too similar to the original skin.

Although some skins with alternate color patterns have been well received before, there have also been cases where the original skin and the recolors are so similar that it can be difficult to tell them apart.

Reddit user u/SenkoSans highlighted two of the Flatline’s skins, the ‘Spine Chiller’ and ‘Reaper’s Touch’, which were both covered in a blue wrap, and claimed the cosmetics were “hardly different.”


Other players have even gone to the trouble of recreating some of these recolored skins, with one fan u/DEA_PL showing that they could be replicated within 30 seconds, sparking calls for more unique skins to be introduced to each weapon.

Apex Legends is a totally free-to-play game, and having these skins is not required whatsoever, nor will they provide any kind of gameplay advantage.

But, it’s understandable that players may be disappointed to see a skin essentially given a different name and another full price tag, with only minor differences to its appearance.

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