Apex Legends players have big doubts over Catalyst surviving in the Apex Games

catalyst in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has revealed the newest Legend coming to Apex in Season 15 to much fanfare, with Catalyst‘s backstory being teased in the Stories from the Outlands. But, some players are also questioning how this character will actually fare in the Apex games.

While of course every character in Apex comes equipped with remarkable abilities that help them on the battlefield, historically most Legends added since launch have had a rather impressive combat past.

This changed somewhat with Vantage, the youngest legend in the game, who was added for Season 14. At only 18 years old, it’s some feat that she’s able to hold her own against trained killers (Revenant), soldiers (Bangalore), and even pilots (Ash) – but her skill with a sniper and growing up in a harsh environment certainly helps.

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How will Catalyst survive the Apex Games?

This question was brought up among Apex players on the game’s popular subreddit, where a player asked, “How is Catalyst going to survive in the Apex games?” The user, u/MediumKeyAF, explained, “We didn’t see how she got her powers. We didn’t see her in combat.”

Focusing on the lore, they asked, “How is our good sis going to survive in the Apex games? Why does she even want to join the Apex games?”

These are questions that remain to be illuminated, perhaps in the subsequent trailers that will drop before the season releases on November 1.

This isn’t a new talking point either. Fans often point to a character like Revenant, who on paper should be able to comfortably take out just about the entire Apex roster single-handedly. After all, he is an unkillable simulacrum, trained to do nothing but mercilessly assassinate his targets.

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Other players agreed. One commented, “The legends in lore seem to vary immensely in terms of combat acumen versus their in-game potential. I just suspend disbelief, personally.” Another player said, “The character design is very good but the back story is very weak it doesn’t feel like a story.”

But, others highlighted that this is really nothing new – giving the example of Season 2 Legend Wattson, who is “a freaking lab assistant who is tender and kind and has a childlike curiosity.”

Of course, in terms of the gameplay, none of this really matters, as all legends are on an equal footing (or at least should be) when a match starts. But for Apex’s many lore-hungry players, there are big questions over how Catalyst would actually be able to hold her own in the games. We’ll still have to wait and see though.

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