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Apex Legends players devise new reward system to prevent toxic teammates

Published: 17/Jun/2020 12:26

by Calum Patterson


As a team-oriented game, playing Apex Legends as a solo player can at times be a grueling experience, having to put up with squadmates who aren’t always all that helpful. But, one player has suggested a rewarding way to tackle toxic teammates.

From instantly leaving if they don’t get the Legend they want, to refusing to revive you in a tight spot, random teammates on Apex Legends can be a bit hit or miss.

You might get lucky to get a functioning squad in your trio, but just as often you’re bound to end up with players who have no interest beyond themselves and their own performance.

We already tried to help people become better teammates without our guide, but some people just lack the motivation to play as a unit. So, perhaps introducing a reward system for good behavior could be what is needed?

That’s the suggestion of Apex player Cazirus, who has designed a mock-up of what such a reward system might look like.

“Your progression increases with each good action, and can be boosted by teammates that thought you were exceptionally nice,” the suggestion explains. You could get bonus points if a teammate commended you for how you played.

On the flip side, progress on the reward train would also be reset for negative actions, namely leaving matches prematurely.

The idea was welcomed by other players, and some suggested even a simplified version of this could be a big benefit. A simple commendation feature to thank and increase the reputation of good teammates, for example.

“This is such a great idea you know. I hope something like this gets implemented, especially for solo queuing,” one player commented.

Respawn Entertainment
Getting a solid 3-person squad in Apex isn’t always easy.

Respawn have attempted to clamp down on people leaving matches early, but the punishments are generally limited to ranked play, with regular matches more casual.

But the majority of players spend most of their time in the regular playlist, and often won’t have set teammates to play with. A reward system for being a good teammate could instantly resolve some of the inherent problems with randoms.

Apex Legends

Easy Mirage Ultimate trick makes the Apex Legend even more bamboozling

Published: 16/Jan/2021 9:31

by Joe Craven


A creative Mirage main has shared an ingenious tip when using the Holographic Trickster in Apex Legends, and it makes his recently buffed decoys all the more difficult to discern. 

Many Mirage mains were pleased with Respawn’s decision to buff the bamboozling trickster in a recent update – even if his strengthening came in the form of a long-awaited bug fix.

The fix, which added footstep audio to his decoys, was originally successful but Respawn have since committed to fixing their fix. Adding audio to Mirage’s decoys offers another level of deception to his Ultimate Ability; making it more difficult for opponents to tell the real Mirage from the fakes he spawns.

Pair this buff with an ingenious Ultimate Ability tactic, and Mirage becomes another level of bamboozling. 

Mirage buff Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s decoys now have their own footstep audio in Apex Legends Season 7.

The trick, shared by Redditor stellaren_ is an awesome way of disguising yourself further when using Mirage’s Ultimate. It essentially involves creating a perfect circle of decoys and walking them backwards, making it incredibly difficult to spot the real one.

To pull it off players should use Mirage’s Ultimate and instantly wheel around. Once facing the opposite way, players should walk – not run – in a straight line away from the spot they called the ability in from. 

Given their recent buffs to give off audible footstep sounds (when it works), this makes identifying the real Mirage near impossible for enemies nearby. 

Not sure if anyone has already came up with this Mirage move, but it is effective for me as a Mirage main. Thoughts? from apexlegends

As demonstrated by the player, it can allow you to reposition and completely ambush an opponent. 

More confident enemies will tend to push towards where the Ultimate was called in from, meaning players backing away also provides the opportunity to survey surroundings and reposition accordingly. 

It’s certainly not the most complicated trick we’ve ever seen, but if Sherlock Holmes was in Apex he’d say the art of a good disguise is hiding in plain sight.