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Apex Legends bug is making Gibraltar’s Ult way too powerful

Published: 16/Jun/2020 14:25

by Connor Bennett


A new Apex Legends bug is making Gibraltar’s ultimate ability incredibly powerful as enemy players barely receive a warning about it raining down. 

Anyone who drops into a game of Apex Legends will instantly recognize Gibraltar. The popular legend, who is more commonly known as Gibby, can be a bit of a pain to play against – especially when the opposing player masters his gun shield and Defensive Bombardment abilities.

Yet, it is the Defensive Bombardment that is proving to be a nightmare for some players as the game isn’t quite giving them the earning that it used to – so that they can’t exactly run away and find some cover for themselves.


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Respawn Entertainment
Gibraltar can still be spotted in a number of Apex Legends matches.

The new issue was pointed out by Reddit user Aphexis, who claimed that Gibby’s ultimate was going off “without any sound again.” In their video, the Caustic player doesn’t get any sort of voice line call out for the ultimate being called in.

The small red line that indicates whereabout the barrage is about to land only shows pretty briefly and then the explosives rain down, knocking Aphexis all over the place as they tried to hang on to their life. 

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Enemy Gibby’s ult goes off without any sound, again… :/ from apexlegends

While some might think that it is a one-time problem only specific to Aphexis, other Redditors pointed out that they’d encountered the issue for themselves on a number of occasions.


“Happens way too often as of late,” commented Feelsosophy. Another, Tookin, added: “This has been responsible for a bunch of my late game defeats recently. So frustrating.”

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As of writing, Respawn hasn’t responded to the video or added the problem to it’s Trello page of things to fix, so it’s unknown if they are aware of them.

Obviously, players will be hoping that it gets fixed sooner rather than later so that Gibraltar doesn’t end up becoming too overpowered of a legend to play against.