Apex Legends players claim TDM issues stem from “toxic” community

Respawn Entertainment

The rollout of TDM, the newest game mode in Apex Legends, hasn’t been a smooth one. However, many players have the backs of the developers and are claiming that many of the issues with the mode are the result of a “community with a bad attitude”.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and has consistently topped the steam charts for the last few years. What’s more, it’s still breaking its own player count records. The battle royale aspect of the game is very popular, but other modes in the game haven’t historically fared as well.

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The addition of TDM to Apex Legends has had its fair share of issues. It was meant to replace Arenas as a casual game mode, one for people who didn’t want to queue up for the standard BR mode.

However, a large portion of the Apex Legends community has shown support for the developers and claimed that, if players weren’t leaving matches and causing problems, the mode would be just fine.

Apex Legends players defend devs amid TDM controversy

Team Deathmatch is, conceptually, a simple mode. It’s a 6v6 that pits players against each other, with the first team to a certain amount of kills winning the game. However, players have been leaving games early and making it difficult to finish a match of the mode.

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Due to a lack of penalties for leaving matches and the inability of the mode to put new players into ongoing matches, players were getting stuck in games they couldn’t finish because there was no one on the enemy team.

In the days since Season 16’s launch, players have been very vocal in asking for fixes to these issues. However, a separate section of the community claims that these problems only exist because players are leaving games in the first place.

With all 6 players loaded into the game, the mode works just fine. A change was made to swap TDM away from being 3 rounds and converted it into 1, a change that was well-received by the community, but it was never non-functional when players stayed in lobbies and played the game out.

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Reddit users pointed out how “toxic” the community could be at times and sympathized with Respawn developers when it comes to trying to figure out what will please the playerbase.

Team Deathmatch hasn’t been live long, so it remains to be seen whether or not this mode has any staying power. No matter what changes are made to the mode, many fans seem convinced that the playerbase itself is a huge part of the reason why new game modes don’t stick around long.