Apex Legends hits new all-time peak player count after Season 16 launch

apex season 16Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 16’s addition of TDM, a new weapon, and balance changes have helped push the game to a new all-time peak player count – even without a new Legend.

The sixteenth season of Apex Legends has been released to much fanfare, with players welcoming a host of changes, improvements, and new features that have long been requested, such as TDM and a Firing Range update.

The new season also launched with a collection event to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary, originally released in February 2019.

There was no new Legend added this season though, which did raise questions about how excited players would be to jump back in, but early player numbers from Steam are a good sign.

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Apex hits new peak players

Player count data for Apex Legends is only available on one platform, Steam. So, note that all the figures here are related to Steam players only – although can likely be extrapolated to represent the player base on consoles too.

On February 15, the day after the new season launch, Apex has reached a peak player count of 609,000 at 2 pm GMT.

The previous peak player count was 510,000, reached in August 2022, at the start of Season 14. The game took a slight dip after this, before picking up again in January 2023.

apex player count on steamSteamDB
Data via SteamDB

The player count may go higher still as the day continues. There may also be another spike at the weekend, when more players have time to play.

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It’s a strong positive sign for Apex as a series, after some hits lately. The game’s mobile version is being completely shut down, and plans for a single-player Apex experience were also scrapped mid-development.

Respawn and EA will hope this is an upwards trend that continues, and not just a short-lived spike.

Another even older game, CS:GO, also hit it’s new all-time peak player count this month, despite releasing 2012.