Apex Legends players choose perfect weapon for next Care Package loot shakeup

Alec Mullins
Apex Legends care packages hold special weapons in them and players want a shakeup

The Care Package is an easy way for Respawn Entertainment to make weapon balancing changes to both overpowered and underwhelming weapons, and the Apex community has come up with the perfect next entry for the random drop. 

Apex’s Care Package is one of the most reliable ways to change up the gameplay experience every season.

From the Spitfire to the Mastiff, no gun is safe from spending some time on a little vacation in the sky if a change needs to be made.

While Season 13 is only just getting underway, some eager fans have already planted the seeds for one particular weapon to get tucked away.

Apex Legends fans come up with the perfect Care Package weapon for next season

Valkyrie holding a bocek bow in apex legends
The Bocek Bow is already a controversial weapon but could a trip to the Care Package solve that issue?

While it might be a controversial choice, there has been a huge reception to the idea of the Bocek Compound Bow being tossed in the CP for Season 14.

This would not only free up the ammo pool with Arrows no longer being a floor drop, but it would also give an already unique weapon the chance to really stand out from the field.

In its current state, the Bow often gets passed on for a more versatile long-range option like the Flatline or the R-301. Buffing the weapon up to the coveted Red rarity would be an easy way to make players value it more.

One particularly excited fan also suggested that Respawn could make the Bow a more desirable CP weapon by bringing it back to its original state before a big Season 9 nerf dropped its damage down substantially.

“Yes, this! I have been saying exactly this for two seasons now. I want the Care Package Bocek in the state it was in on launch.”

Another commenter added that in order for this change to make sense, there might need to be another big change to keep the Care Package drops exciting: “As long as the G7 stays in I hope the Bocek stays out. If they did a switch of the two I’d still be mad but less so.”

There’s no telling which way Respawn will ultimately go with the next round of Care Package weapons, but it’s clear that the community has a frontrunner in mind.

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