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Apex Legends players call for Bangalore heirloom & Titanfall feature in Season 8

Published: 4/Jan/2021 11:40

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players are desperate for Respawn Entertainment to give Bangalore an heirloom at the start of Season 8, and they also want to see some Titanfall features added as well.

As the Apex Legends seasons have unfolded, fans of the battle royale title have gotten more insight into the backstories of the different characters – be it through a Stories from the Outland video, the in-game comic books, or their voice lines with other characters. 

This has also led to a select group of legends, mostly made up of the original set of characters, also having their own heirloom items – special melee weapons that play into the backstory. 


These heirlooms are added with each new collection event, and while Gibraltar is set to bag his in the Fight Night event, fans are already looking forward to next season, hoping that Bangalore benefits. 

Bangalore competes in the Apex Games.
Respawn Entertainment
Bangalore remains one of the most popular legends in Apex.

Reddit user CeeChallaposted the classic ‘A Hero’s Fall’ loading screen from Season 2 which shows Bangalore before her days in the Apex Games as a member of the IMC in the Titanfall universe, gaining thousands of upvotes in support. 

While the Redditor asked as to when that particular Bangalore look will be added as a skin, others focused on the heirloom and getting more lore. “Prob [get the skin] next season if she gets an heirloom then and they expand on her lore,” said one user. “She can easily have the best skins and heirloom if they go deep in lore,” added another. 


“Bro, I’ve waited 2 seasons [for a Bangalore heirloom] and saved my shards just for them to drop a Gibby’s heirloom. Pain,” added another commenter. “I will be disappointed if her heirloom isn’t a detached stock,” said another player. 

The skin that Bangalore deserves. from apexlegends

What are pilots in Titanfall?

Additionally, some fans also debated Bangalore’s lore, and whether or not she was a pilot – the elite fighters in Titanfall. She wasn’t actually a pilot like Jack Cooper from Titanfall 2, but some players would like to see a Pilot show up.

“Could you imagine a pilot entering the apex ring? Just watching someone of that level slaughter in the ring would be amazing,” said one fan. “Oh I would love that but it would have to be a nerfed version of a pilot,” added another.


Titanfall’s pilots were the elite fighters, and fans want them in Apex.

There’s no telling if the community will see either of their wishes granted in Season 8, seeing as Respawn will have been working on it for quite some time already.

The devs have said previously that they’ve already planned for content beyond Season 10, so, it could just be that they have it in their back pocket and that fans are in for a waiting game.