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Apex Legends player creatively uses Mirage’s finisher to win game

Published: 2/Dec/2019 5:55

by Brad Norton


In one of the most creative Apex Legends finishes to date, this Mirage player completely bamboozled their opponent to get the victory.

Mirage is a Legend known for his amusing and distracting antics. From sending out holograms to going invisible, the creative character is all about utilizing visual trickery to gain the upper hand in combat. 

While many experienced players recently highlighted how Mirage is the Legend most desperately in need of a buff, there’s no denying that his abilities can often mislead even the most seasoned veterans in amusing ways.

Respawn Entertainment - Apex LegendsThe whimsical Mirage takes every opportunity to mock his opposition.

Demonstrated throughout a December 1 matchup, Reddit user ‘iluvmonkeys581’ hilariously showcased how it’s not just Mirage’s abilities than can lead opponents astray, but also his finishing animations.

After racking up eight eliminations, two squads remained and the daring player figured that the timing was perfect for a melee finisher. Having downed a nearby Gibraltar, they went in to seal the deal.

Activating the Mirage animation wherein, a hologram spawned to confuse the downed opponent, a nearby enemy also happened to be caught in the confusion.

Focusing their fire on the wrong target, the final remaining player ultimately threw an easy elimination out the window and cost themselves the entire match in embarrassing fashion. 

I bamboozled someone with the mirage finisher? from apexlegends

Referred to as the ‘Pound It, Bro’ finisher, this amusing animation hones in on one version of Mirage before a second figure blindsides the downed opponent. The hologram then bumps fists with real-world Mirage before fizzling out. 

Firing at the illusionary version of the character, the final remaining player was caught completely by surprise and subsequently left themselves exposed to a hail of bullets from the authentic Mirage.

“I’ve seen so many people get bamboozled by that finisher,” Reddit user BoauNerr responded. “I know what my next legendary purchase with crafting materials is gonna be.”


Undeniably one of the most amusing conclusions to an Apex Legends match, there’s arguably no more embarrassing way to lose than to unload an entire clip into the wrong target.

Despite the evident power of his hilarious animations, Mirage remains one of the least-picked characters in the popular battle royale title. Could he be the next Legend in line for a major overhaul? 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends won’t add more ‘big’ legends like Caustic & Gibraltar for one key reason

Published: 26/Jan/2021 10:11 Updated: 26/Jan/2021 10:12

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends dev Daniel Z Klein has explained why Respawn Entertainment haven’t added another Gibraltar-like big sized legend to their battle royale, and probably won’t moving forward. 

One of the biggest things that sets Apex Legends apart from its battle royale rivals is the fact that you are able to choose a character with unique abilities rather than just dropping in, finding loot, and trying to survive. 

As the seasons have gone on, some legends have gotten stronger than others thanks to regular buffs and nerfs, but there hasn’t been a big legend like Caustic or Gibraltar added since the start of the game. 

Octane, Horizon, Crypto, Revenant, Wattson, and Rampart are all somewhat similar in stature. Some players might want bigger legends, but that’s unlikely to happen as we move forward into future seasons. 

Gibraltar standing over enemy in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Larger legends, like Gibraltar, take less damage on account of them being easier to hit.

Daniel Z Klein, the lead game designer at Respawn Entertainment, fielded a number of questions about Season 8 on the Apex Legends subreddit when the topic of hitboxes came up.

Some players would rather every character have the same hitbox, and while that is probably preferable in terms of gameplay, Klein explained that it probably won’t be the case. “Listen. If we were developing Apex today, I’d be like “EVERYONE IS ON THE SAME SET OF HITBOXES, MAKE IT WORK”. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. You may have noticed we haven’t shipped another legend on a large hitbox; there’s a reason for that,” he commented. 

“Unless we find a way to shrink Gibby and Caustic visually in a way that’s not super derpy without having to redo all their skins and animations (and probably do the same for our tiny legends), I don’t see us realistically moving to the same hitboxes for everyone, as preferable as that would be.”

Obviously, some fans will likely still want to see bigger legends, as well as a one size fits all hitbox, but that’s just not going to be the case anytime soon. 

A lack of additionally bigger legends will only help Caustic and Gibraltar stand out from the crowd, figuratively and literally, but it also probably means they’ll get some love when it comes to buffs in the future.