Apex Legends player shows off “optimal loadout” for Fuse mains


A dangerous loadout for Fuse mains in Apex Legends gains traction as players discuss how deadly it could be.

Meta loadouts come and go with games as updates fluctuate the balance of certain weapons or abilities.

In Apex Legends, figuring out what items to hold onto that enhance your character’s powers can give the player an advantage in the match.

Fans of the game have taken to Reddit with a new loadout for the character Fuse that could cause some serious damage.

“Optimal loadout” for Fuse shows promise

Fuse is the only character who can stack two grenades in their inventory slot with his passive ability, Grenadier. That opens up extra space for healing, ammo, or more grenades if the player desires. Fuse can also throw grenades great distances and with incredible accuracy for long-range fights.

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One player made a Reddit post of an ‘optimal loadout’ for the character. Stocked with various grenades and a small amount of health, the loadout is sure to create enough havoc to down the enemy or give your team enough time to counter. 

Replies to the post supported the choices, with one giving a joke critique: “Absolutely wrong, medkits are useless! You need another stack of arcs.”

Another user said, “I would love to see gameplay with this inventory.”

It wasn’t long until a different user posted a video to the subreddit showing what Fuse can do when given enough explosives. This player is in the final ring of the match, and when it comes down to a one-on-one for the win, they begin the barrage of grenades. 

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It leaves the opponent looking for any cover and puts tremendous pressure on them while Fuse gets closer and closer to taking them out. 

Comments on the video agree on the tactics used with one user that said: “The type of Fuse player everyone fears.”

It’s a viable loadout as the pressure puts on someone or save oneself are both incredibly handy. As long as the player doesn’t get lost in the chaos it creates, it is certainly deadly in the right hands.