Apex Legends player shocked after drawing ends up in the actual game

. 3 years ago
Respawn Entertainment / EA Games

An Apex Legends fan was given the ultimate surprise when Respawn Entertainment added their Mirage drawing to the game in what is one of the most wholesome easter eggs ever.

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Popular first-person shooter Apex Legends dropped in February 2019 and quickly became an overnight success, as the Battle Royale’s popularity was fueled by the unique cast of legends that players could choose from.

However, one fan shared their “unfinished” drawing of Mirage over six months ago, only to be shocked when they discovered that it managed to make its way into the game.

Respawn Entertainment / Electronic Arts
The holographic trickster has been a fan favorite.
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Fan gets their drawing added to the game

Reddit user ‘orington_makings’ first uploaded their drawing of Mirage on March 20, and their post was titled “Mirage drawing I have made. I got bored so I didn’t finish but I did too much work to not show it off.”

Then on October 12, the same user created an update post, where they shared their surprise at finding out that their drawing actually made it into the game, despite being months old.

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In a new post, Orington showed off their older submission of the drawing, next to a screenshot of a loading screen in the game that features the drawing pinned up as fan art in Mirage’s headquarters.

“Massive thanks to Apex for adding my little Mirage drawing I made long ago into the game as a little easter egg in the first loading screen!” the excited fan said. “I swear, that alone is now my permanent loading screen now!”

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While it’s cool for any fan to get their design into the thing they created art from, the easter egg has an extra level to it, as it’s actually mindblowingly meta as Reddit user ‘PrimePCG’ explained.

“They implemented it basically the same way, in universe.” they stated. “You sent in some fan mail of Mirage. Mirage has it displayed in-game like some actual fan mail that he received… It’s almost like you actually got it all the way to him personally.”

Reddit: u/PrimePCG
Another reddit user made the brilliant observation that the easter egg was actually mindblowingly meta.
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While Respawn Entertainment has had some differences with its community in the past, there is no denying that this is really cool easter egg, and shows that they do actually read what fans submit on social media.

Apex Legends Season 3 recently just launched on October 1, and has fans going crazy – who knows, maybe some S3 fan art will make its way into S4.

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