Apex Legends player finds ingenious way to instantly “refill” Body Shields

Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends streamer found a brilliant way to recharge their depleted armor, after a close call led to a brilliant highlight that used a bit of trickery to pull off.

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Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale reinvigorated the genre when it released on February 4, and since then. the community has been mastering all of the obscure mechanics within the game to get the better of their competition.

With that in mind, players have been finding shortcuts around the more time-consuming elements, and Reddit user ‘Roonerth’ might have found the most deceptive method of using an enemy to replenish their armor.

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Respawn EntertainmentSometimes beating an opponent in Apex Legends means giving them a hand.

In a Reddit post, the streamer can be seen in an intense face off against a persistent Bloodhound, who brought his Epic Body Shield almost all the way down.

Thinking on his feet, Roonerth saw a lowly Common Body Shield in a nearby structure and instantly swapped out the armor. But instead of chasing after the Bloodhound, he paused a moment to wait for the enemy to take the bait.

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Seeing a purple shield just laying there, the Bloodhound instantly swapped to it but was quickly met with a foot to the face as Roonerth finished off the kill.

After collecting the kill, Roonerth went back to purple armor which was now in the Bloodhound’s death box but the Epic Body Shield was now at full health.

How did the Body Shield go back to full health?

Players were obviously confused at what they had just witnessed since the Body Shield seemed to heal itself.

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Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends is all about outplaying your opponent, but who would’ve guessed that would include giving them your loot.

But Roonerth provided a simple explanation that put to bed any surrounding questions about the in-game mechanic.

“There are really only two scenarios where armor will ‘regenerate’ without the wearer using shield cells, batteries, or pheonix kits to fill them,” Roonerth said. “First, when the wearer dies, the armor they were wearing is fully healed in their deathbox. Second, legendary armor allows the wearer to use a finisher on a downed enemy, which will heal the user’s shields to full…”

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While its a very situational trick, Roonerth showed that giving opponent’s high tier loot can sometimes be advantageous if pulled off correctly.

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